Buzz About the Hispanic Leadership Fund

“I believe strongly in the Hispanic Leadership Fund’s cause, the professionals at the helm, and in their principled and resolute approach to policy and politics.”

George P. Bush


“For the last few years, a lot of people have talked about the importance of effectively and consistently communicating limited government policy principles to Latinos. The Hispanic Leadership Fund is taking the bull by the horns and is surging forward—it has the right vision, leadership, and action plan to make a real difference in this fight.”

Hon. Henry Bonilla
Member, U.S. House of Representatives (1993-2007)


“The Hispanic Leadership Fund has recruited some of the best conservative Latino political operatives in the country, and the organization’s achievements prove that this is a recipe for success.”

Mario Rodriguez
Vice Chair, California Republican Party (2003-2005)


“The Hispanic Leadership Fund will allow our community to be a prominent force in future political and policy debates.”

Hon. Lincoln Diaz-Balart
Former Member, U.S. House of Representatives (1993-2011)


“I am proud to support the Hispanic Leadership Fund and their advocacy on behalf of working families. I believe their work is of tremendous value to the entire Hispanic community.”

Hon. Mel Martinez
Member, U.S. Senate (2005-2009)


“From nurturing promising Hispanic candidates to helping turn out the Hispanic vote, the Hispanic Leadership Fund will be a decisive factor in the future of conservatism.”

Linda Chavez
Chair, Center For Equal Opportunity
Author, Out of The Barrio: Toward A New Politics Of Hispanic Assimilation


“The Hispanic Leadership Fund is making a vital impact in advocating for free enterprise and limited government, as well as communicating with elected officials and bringing more Latinos into the conservative fold. The Hispanic Leadership Fund has shown the vision and ability to be a great resource.”

Hon. Eric Cantor
Former Republican Whip, U.S. House of Representatives


“The Hispanic Leadership Fund is at the forefront of the necessary task of uniting Hispanic Americans and the conservative movement, bringing conservative principles to the attention of Hispanic Americans and bringing Hispanic Americans to the leadership of conservative activism.”

Grover Norquist
President, American For Tax Reform


“The Hispanic Leadership Fund is developing a strong presence in the movement for free market principles, limited government, and individual liberty. I admire their efforts to train and educate the activists and leaders of the next conservative generation.”

Hon. Richard K. ‘Dick’ Armey
Former Chairman, Freedomworks
Majority Leader, U.S. House of Representatives (1995-2003)
Member, U.S. House of Representatives (1985-2003)


“The Hispanic Leadership Fund has helped conservatives make progress on important issues including free trade, health care and immigration policy. The Fund is helping to build a better country for all Americans.”

Edwin J. Feulner, Ph. D
Former President, The Heritage Foundation


“The American dream, one of prosperity and security, is a universal one. Whether you are born here or yearned to come here, the fight to preserve that dream is the same. The Hispanic Leadership Fund has built alliances in that fight, bringing people together to ensure that Americans can continue to realize their dreams.”

Andrew Langer
President, Institute For Liberty