CPAC 2010 Kicks-Off with Panel Featuring HLF

The Hispanic Leadership Fund was back again at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference. One of the first panels of the conference was called “The Rise of Latino Conservatism” and featured the president of our organization, Mario H. Lopez.

Political publication Roll Call (subscription-only) covers the event and focuses on the issue of immigration. They quote Lopez as stressing the reality of people’s motives for coming to the United States: “‘No one crosses 200, 300 miles in the desert because they think it’s fun or because they want to spit on America,’ [Lopez] said.” He goes on to point out the need to have “enough confidence in our ideas to talk to people who are looking for freedom and opportunity.’

Listen to HLF President Mario H. Lopez on the popular syndicated Roger Hedgecock radio show. RogerHedgecockShow_LopezInterview_19Feb10