Endorsement of Quico Canseco for Congress in Texas 23

Our Political Action Committee today endorsed Francisco “Quico” Canseco, who is running to represent Texas’ 23rd Congressional District. HLF President Mario H. Lopez:

“Quico Canseco is the type of common-sense leader that will take new ideas to Congress and always keep the interests of the hardworking families of Southwest Texas at the forefront of everything he does as their elected official. His experience as a small-business owner who understands how jobs are created is desperately needed in the House of Representatives at a critical time in our nation’s history.

“Voters are tired of politicians who ignore their will and plunge the nation deeper into debt with failed policies that destroy jobs, fleece taxpayers, and prevent families from pursuing the American Dream. Ciro Rodriguez’ vote for $787 Billion of failed stimulus, complete with taxpayer-funded bonuses for corporate executives is a perfect example of what is wrong with Washington.

“The difference could not be more clear: voters who want to stop the schemes and proven failures coming from backwards-thinking Washington politicians, and who instead want a Congressman who supports common-sense solutions to job-creation should vote for Quico Canseco.”