Endorsement of Steve Pearce for Congress in New Mexico

The Hispanic Leadership Fund issued a statement today from its President Mario H. Lopez commenting on its Political Action Committee endorsement of Steve Pearce, who is running to represent the 2nd Congressional District of New Mexico:

“Steve Pearce is someone who New Mexicans can count on to represent their values in Congress, not the values of Nancy Pelosi. Steve understands the value of small and family-businesses and what it takes to get the economy going again through job creation and increased opportunity. The Hispanic Leadership Fund admires Steve Pearce’s commitment to making sure that Hispanics and all Americans have a chance to pursue the American Dream.”

“Harry Teague’s loyalty to Nancy Pelosi has proven to be a disaster for New Mexico. Since Teague’s vote for the so-called ‘stimulus’ bill, thousands more New Mexicans have lost their jobs. Fortunately, New Mexicans in the 2nd District who are tired of failed policies and backroom deals coming from Washington have a great candidate to support in Steve Pearce.”