Happy Cost of Government Day

Today is Cost of Government Day. The average American worker has spent every day from January 1 until today working exclusively to earn enough to pay for his/her share of government and regulation at every level–local, state and federal.

Yes, you read that correctly. The thought of getting up to go to work for 231 straight days just to pay for increasingly reckless and wasteful government spending before you event earn one penny for yourself and your family is a prime example of why we desperately need to stop the big government ways of Washington politicians.

Today we will participate in a press conference sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to talk about the hurtful effects of government overspending and increasing deficits on American Hispanics. As a younger population, Hispanics will be disproportionately effected by government debt that, by definition, has to be paid back.

You can watch HLF President Mario H. Lopez’s remarks below and the entire press conference here.