HLF on Fox Busines Channel

HLF President Mario H. Lopez was on the Varney & Co. show this morning on Fox Business Channel discussing some new polling numbers that show President Obama’s popularity declining among Hispanics. According to an AP-Univision poll, only 43% of Hispanic voters think the Obama Administration is adequately addressing their needs:

Although [President] Obama poll numbers among Hispanics are going down, it’s not necessarily going over to the Republican side. So it represents an opportunity for Republicans, but it’s an opportunity that they really have to take advantage of.

Lopez said that the economy is a driving factor when it comes to these numbers:

We’ve seen [the] Obama Administration’s policies be a complete failure not just when it comes to the general economic situation in the United States, but when it comes to the Hispanic community here,” said Lopez. “Small businesses are hurting, the Hispanic unemployment rate has been hovering 1 ½ to 2 points higher than the general unemployment rate.

Fox Business Channel posted an article about the interview here.