HLF TV Ad About Ex-Obama Administration Official Joe Garcia; Endorsement of David Rivera in FL-25

The Hispanic Leadership Fund issued a statement today from its President Mario H. Lopez announcing its Political Action Committee endorsement of David Rivera, in the race for Florida’s 25th Congressional District. In addition, Lopez commented on the release of a television commercial exposing some of the failed policies that Rivera opponent Joe Garcia worked for during his time in the Obama Administration.

“Having been hit hard by a recession made worse by failed stimulus bills and backward-thinking policies, South Floridians are well aware of the important economic issues in this election. David Rivera’s support of common-sense economic policies will create jobs spur economic opportunity for South Florida at a critical time in our nation’s history. David Rivera’s positions on job creation and opportunity for small and family businesses have been unwavering. Of significant importance to south Florida is that David Rivera understands how important it is to foster trade with our Latin American friends and allies.

“During his time in the Obama Administration, Joe Garcia oversaw over $2 Billion of taxpayer money to fund jobs in China. Under Joe Garcia’s watch, American taxpayers funded jobs abroad and helped foreign corporations rather than creating opportunities for hardworking families in South Florida.

“The Hispanic Leadership Fund’s television ad draws attention to the taxpayer funding of jobs in Chinese wind farms under Joe Garcia’s watch. It is precisely these types of disastrous policies that voters are sick of, and sending Joe Garcia to vote for more of these same failed schemes will only wreak more economic havoc for South Florida.”

The ad starts running during local television news broadcasts tonight.