Response to Harry Reid’s Smears of Sen. Rubio

February 16, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Hispanic Leadership Fund today released the following statement from its President Mario H. Lopez, in response to the most recent attacks on Senator Marco Rubio (FL) coming from Senator Harry Reid (NV):

“It is hard to decide where to begin with Reid and the administration’s smear campaign against Hispanic leaders who disagree with their radical Leftist agenda.  Let’s not forget that internal memos showed that Senator Reid and Democrats were guilty of backroom schemes against the judicial appointment of Miguel Estrada, specifically because he was a Hispanic appointee.  This latest coordinated smear campaign is comes at a time when Reid and his cohorts are attacking First Amendment rights of religious freedom, increasing government dependency, and obstructing every effort at job creation.  Hispanics are the hardest hit victims of President Obama’s and Harry Reid’s destruction of the American economy, so it is no wonder why they are eager to change the subject.”