Samsung Appeals its Case Against Apple with the U.S. Supreme Court

The Hispanic Leadership Fund has closely followed the ongoing design patent dispute between Apple and Samsung. Apple continues to seek damages for the alleged infringement on two of its patents, one of which was already been deemed invalid by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Just today, Samsung filed a petition for a writ of certiorari asking the Supreme Court to hear the case.

As HLF President Mario H. Lopez wrote in a recently published piece in The Hill, “We are invested in the outcome of this lawsuit because the implications will impact consumers, particularly those from minority and low-income communities. A ruling in favor of Apple would disrupt the smartphone market and reduce competition, limiting choices for everyday individuals and families who rely on affordable smartphone options the most.”

In order to preserve the innovative nature of the smartphone industry, we hope the Supreme Court reviews this case, which could help modernize current design patent interpretations for the better.  A ruling in favor of Samsung in the case will protect consumer choice and set a precedent to defend small business against wrongful patent claims for years to come.