Statement on Congressional Hispanic Caucus Denying Membership to Rep. Carlos Curbelo

November 16, 2017


WASHINGTON, D.C.–Mario H. Lopez, President of the Hispanic Leadership Fund and a former Executive Director of the Congressional Hispanic Conference, issued the following statement in response to the decision by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus that rejected Rep. Carlos Curbelo’s (R-FL) membership in the group:

“Today’s vote once again shows that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus places blind partisanship and childish antics over the interests of the Latino community.  It is a shame that the caucus won’t allow any other Hispanic Member of Congress in simply because of  party affiliation.

“The Hispanic Caucus attacks regarding Rep. Curbelo’s stance on immigration are false and misleading.  Congressman Curbelo has proven that he’s willing to work across the aisle on getting much needed immigration reform passed.  Unlike the Hispanic Caucus members who refuse to even listen to ideas from people in the opposite party, Members of Congress outside of the Hispanic Caucus from both parties are currently working together to pass legislation that protects immigrants who benefit our economy and society.”