Obama Administration to Implement Devastating Energy Regulation

New Study Shows EPA Rule will Result in Increased Poverty and Job Losses

A year ago the Environmental Protection Agency released what it calls its “Clean Power Plan,” and has announced intentions to finalize its proposal in the next few months, which is supposed to cut pollution and improve health and environmental conditions.

However, the EPA’s own climate model emulator shows that the results of the plan’s implementation would be basically negligible—0.018 degrees Celsius over the next 85 years.

Even worse, a recently released study demonstrates that the effect of the Obama Administration’s plan would result in “rising energy costs, job loss, reduced income, and ultimately greater poverty” for low-income families, especially Hispanics and Blacks.

The study, released by the National Black Chamber of Commerce, shows that the EPA rule will increase Hispanic poverty by 26% and Black poverty by 23%. It will also result in massive job losses in these communities: 12 million jobs lost for Hispanics and 7 million for Blacks.

The Obama administration is set to implement an energy regulation that not only will fail outright in accomplishing its purported goal, but also will result in higher energy prices for all Americans and be especially devastating for poor families in underserved communities. That hardly seems like a reasonable approach.