Statement Responding to Joe Arpaio Pardon:

August 25, 2017


WASHINGTON, D.C.–Hispanic Leadership Fund President Mario H. Lopez issued the following statement in response to the pardoning of Joe Arpaio:

“Joe Arpaio repeatedly violated the U.S. Constitution and the fundamental rights of American citizens.  Federal courts found him to be indiscriminately and illegally profiling Latinos and then refusing to stop when ordered by the court, which led to his criminal conviction.  He has proven to have no regard for the Rule of Law, abusing his power and betraying the public trust in a multitude of well-documented ways.  I personally have spoken with individuals–American citizens–who were literally walking down the street minding their own business, and then suddenly found themselves confronted, illegally detained, arrested, and in some cases physically abused by officers following Arpaio’s policies.  Joe Arpaio deserves to be held responsible for his actions.”