Government & Regulation

The FCC Hurts Consumers by Not Clarifying Calling Card Regulations

One of the principal arguments made by proponents of big government is that regulations “set the rules for the road.”  They compare regulators to “traffic cops” or “referees.”  By this argument, corporations benefit by knowing the rules in advance, avoiding both uncertainty and litigation.  Consumers, we are told, benefit from transparency and protection from hidden […]

More on Casino Debate and Job Creation in Florida

We’ve written previously about the debate in Florida surrounding destination casinos.  Although the full legislature begins its session tomorrow, the Senate Regulated Industries Committee is meeting today to consider the casino issue in the form of bill SB710. The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce recently broke with the state chamber and announced its public support, […]

Op-Ed: Regulatory Reform Necessary for Jobs and Benefits to Consumers

New Jersey’s telecom regulations represent a sad example of outdated mandates standing in the way of job creation, lower prices, and increased choices for consumers.  A recent opinion piece by HLF president Mario H. Lopez highlights a piece of legislation aiming to modernize some of the telecom rules. Outdated existing regulations have restricted new capital […]

Florida Debates Creation of New Destination Gaming Resorts

Florida has been one of the states that has been hit particularly hard by the ongoing economic turmoil.  In an effort to breathe life into the tourism industry, one recent proposal involved the building of destination resorts in South Florida that will feature various gaming options. As the debate heats up, both sides are making […]

Op-Ed: Why the Payroll Tax Debate Misses the Real Issue

Fox News Latino published the most recent opinion piece by HLF President Mario H. Lopez, which covers the current dispute in Washington  over extending the payroll tax cut. President Obama has made this issue a central part of his messaging strategy, and Republicans have argued against the extension, contending that the cut has failed to […]

HLF Supports Further Study on Salt Reduction in School Lunches

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Hispanic Leadership Fund today applauded Congressional action intended to delay recently revised school lunch standards developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, especially in regards to a proposed reduction in salt consumption. “Once again, federal regulators have abandoned sound science in favor of political correctness and a flawed agenda,” said Hispanic […]

Op-Ed: FAA Battle Shows Special Interests Reign in D.C.

HLF President Mario H. Lopez writes in the Daily Caller about the refusal of Democrat Senators to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration unless special pork barrel spending projects protecting Big Union Bosses are kept. As unbelievable as it sounds, some senators are threatening the most recent FAA extension because they are protecting subsidies costing thousands […]

Saving Medicare: HLF President’s Piece in Fox News Latino

Medicare is set to run out of money.  Hispanic Leadership Fund president Mario H. Lopez explains why the threat is important, why Latinos have a stake in the outcome, and what can be done to get on the right path.