Taxes & The Economy

Op-Ed: Why the Payroll Tax Debate Misses the Real Issue

Fox News Latino published the most recent opinion piece by HLF President Mario H. Lopez, which covers the current dispute in Washington  over extending the payroll tax cut. President Obama has made this issue a central part of his messaging strategy, and Republicans have argued against the extension, contending that the cut has failed to […]

Radio Host: “Giving in to the Devil”

Yesterday, Obama’s Spanish language spokesperson was interviewed by local Spanish-language Washington, DC radio station 99.1 El Zol’s host Pedro Biaggi.  Rather than demand answers for President Obama’s multiple failures on the economy, Biaggi turned into a cheerleader for President Obama, stating toward the end that voting for Republicans was “giving in to the Devil.” After […]

Lopez Op-Ed: Economic Recovery Needs Leadership, not Salesmanship

Hispanic Leadership Fund President Mario H. Lopez takes a look at President Obama’s latest “deficit reduction” proposal.  Is it really as balanced as the President claims? The White House announcement of the plan heralded “net savings of more than $3 trillion over the next decade.” But a closer look at the proposal reveals that it […]

HLF Launches “I Am Not A Jet Owner” Site

WASHINGTON–The Hispanic Leadership Fund announced the launch of its affiliated website, “” to call attention to the pitfalls of President Obama’s class warfare approach, and show why his tax hike would ensnare small business owners, many of whom are making less than the $250,000 that Obama says qualifies them to be “Jet Owners.”

Saving Medicare: HLF President’s Piece in Fox News Latino

Medicare is set to run out of money.  Hispanic Leadership Fund president Mario H. Lopez explains why the threat is important, why Latinos have a stake in the outcome, and what can be done to get on the right path.

Happy Cost of Government Day

Today is Cost of Government Day. The average American worker has spent every day from January 1 until today working exclusively to earn enough to pay for his/her share of government and regulation at every level–local, state and federal.

HLF at the 9/12 Taxpayer Tea Party Rally on the National Mall

Tens of thousands of Americans from all walks of life gathered on the National Mall in Washington, DC today. The Hispanic Leadership Fund President Mario H. Lopez addressed the crowd, which was unified in its opposition to the reckless economic policies coming from the Congress and the White House. Lopez shared a bit about his […]

Tax Day Tea Party in Front of the White House

HLF President Mario H. Lopez spoke today at a taxpayer rally at Lafayette Park (directly in front of the White House) along with representatives of several other major organizations and well-known conservative pundits.  An estimated crowd of over 3,000 people braved the ongoing rain and colder than average temperatures for several hours to hear from […]