HLF in the Media

Townhall Writer Gives HLF a Nod

Conservative blogger John Hawkins as an article on Townhall today on “Six Reasons Why Conservatives Should Embrace Identity Politics” and mentions the Hispanic Leadership Fund as one of the organizations hard at work on communicating to minorities.

Happy Cost of Government Day

Today is Cost of Government Day. The average American worker has spent every day from January 1 until today working exclusively to earn enough to pay for his/her share of government and regulation at every level–local, state and federal.

Opinion Piece: “Net Neutrality will negatively impact prices and innovation”

HLF President Mario H. Lopez has an op-ed in today’s Rio Grande Guardian () discussing the issue of “Net Neutrality” and the harmful impact such regulations would have on the Latino community. You can read the piece below or at the Gaurdian’s site here.

HLF on Fox Busines Channel

HLF President Mario H. Lopez was on the Varney & Co. show this morning on Fox Business Channel discussing some new polling numbers that show President Obama’s popularity declining among Hispanics. According to an AP-Univision poll, only 43% of Hispanic voters think the Obama Administration is adequately addressing their needs: Although [President] Obama poll numbers […]

HLF Featured on All Voices

The community news website All Voices features an article today on “The Hispanic Leadership Fund and The Race for 2010.” HLF President Mario H. Lopez was interviewed about the election outlook for November, and about communicating the free enterprise, limited government message: Many Hispanics share the same values of freedom of religion, good schools for […]

Panel on Arizona’s SB1070 Law

Earlier today the Hispanic Leadership Fund was part of a panel discussion at the Georgetown Law Center discussing Arizona’s SB 1070 law. Along with HLF President Mario H. Lopez was Sen. Jon Kyl (AZ), Arizona State Legislators Kyrsten Sinema and John Kavanaugh, Arizona Sherriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, and leaders of other organizations.

HLF’s Second Anniversary Dinner

The Hispanic Leadership Fund held a hugely successful dinner in celebrating its Second Anniversary in Washington, DC last night. Special guests Sen. Tom Coburn, Sen. Orrin Hatch, Sen. John Thune, Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, Rep. Tom Price, and former Rep. (and HLF Advisory Board Member) Henry Bonilla, all showed up to honor the […]

At the “Preserving American Liberty” Event in Kansas City

HLF President Mario H. Lopez is in Kansas City, MO today at the Winning Back America event organized by Preservign American Liberty, a grassroots group based in Kansas City. Lopez spoke to the crowd of about 4,000 people discussing the need to reach Latino voters across the country by emphasizing shared principles and policies that […]