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HLF Grades President Obama and Governor Romney on the Issues

Hispanic Leadership Fund on Forefront of First Amendment Victory

Appeals Court Vacates Lower Court Ruling in Van Hollen v. FEC

September 18, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Today an appeals court issued a unanimous ruling overturning a lower court in the Van Hollen v. Federal Election Commission case, in which the Hispanic Leadership Fund filed a motion to intervene.  HLF released the following statement from its president Mario H. Lopez regarding the decision:

“The Hispanic Leadership Fund is pleased with this decision and is proud to be on the forefront of defending the First Amendment rights of not just our organization, but that of all Americans.  We will of course stay vigilant about the outstanding issues that remain, but today is a clear victory for liberty against those who seek to stifle free speech and intimidate those who seek to petition the government.”

Congressman Van Hollen’s (D-MD) lawsuit against the FEC sought to force the agency to impose stringent regulations on groups that advocate on policy issues in advertisements that merely mention a federal candidate for office, even if that candidate is a current office holder and the ad only deals with exercising an organization’s First Amendment rights to petition the government.  The lawsuit came after legislation proposed by Van Hollen twice failed to pass in the U.S. Congress.

Hispanic Leadership Fund Challenges Scope of “Electioneering Communications” Rules in Lawsuit Against the Federal Election Commission


August 3, 2012

DES MOINES, IA–The Hispanic Leadership Fund filed a lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission this week seeking clarification to cumbersome rules set forth by the Federal Election Commission surrounding what are called “electioneering communications.”

This lawsuit seeks a preliminary injunction finding that advertisements that reference “the government,” “the administration,” “the White House,” and that include unidentified audio of federal officials do not constitute clear and unambiguous references to a candidate for federal office.

Mario H. Lopez, president of Hispanic Leadership Fund, said, “The Hispanic Leadership Fund continues to protect the rights of all groups that want to petition the government for serious policy changes over the next several months without unwarranted violations of their First Amendment Rights.  The First Amendment is a precious and fundamental cornerstone of American society and it must be defended when it is under attack by those who would attempt to intimidate policy advocates into silence.”

The most recent lawsuit continues the Hispanic Leadership Fund’s role as a principal deender of First Amendment speech when HLF intervenedas a defendant in the recent Van Hollen v. FEC case.

Under the electioneering communications rules as recently interpreted, petitioning the government for policy changes in a broadcast advertisement that identifies a clearly identified federal candidate in the 30 days before a primary or 60 days before a general requires an unprecedented level of disclosure.

Since a March 30, 2012 ruling of a trial court in Washington, DC, not a single entity has made such an “electioneering communication”

Jason Torchinsky, counsel to Hispanic Leadership Fund, said, “The U.S. Supreme Court has made clear in McConnell v. FEC, and Citizens United that the application of the electioneering communications rules must be clear, objective bright lines in order to be constitutionally applied. This lawsuit was necessary because the FEC failed to provide guidance in this area.”


We Must Move to Repeal and Replace President Obama’s Unaffordable and Unpopular Health Care Law

Patients and Families Must Come First

June 28, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C.–The Hispanic Leadership Fund released the following statement today from its President Mario H. Lopez, reacting to today Supreme Court ruling:

“The facts are that on every count, President Obama’s healthcare law has failed all Americans, including working Hispanic families that continue to bear the brunt of his economic policies.  Insurance premiums have gone up, job creation has gone down, and unaffordable and skyrocketing costs have only worsened.  And we now see that the entire law is contingent upon raising taxes on ordinary middle-class Americans, which reveals yet another broken promise by President Obama.

“There is no question that a full repeal and replacement of President Obama’s health care law is desperately needed.  The only way our health care system will improve is too have sensible, common-sense reform that empowers families and patients, and not unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in Washington.

Reaction to Supreme Court Immigration Decision

June 25, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C.–The Hispanic Leadership Fund today released the following statement from its President Mario H. Lopez, reacting to today Supreme Court ruling Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law:

“Today’s Supreme Court ruling shows once again that government expansion is not a constructive way to address concerns over illegal immigration.  The court struck down three of the four issues at stake and the majority decision explicitly states that there could be major Constitutional problems with the implementation of the “papers, please” provision that stands for the moment, as the only relevant issue to that provision addressed in this case was the alleged conflict between state and federal law.

“Although that portion of the law stands, there are many points of contention with how exactly it can be implemented in a way that upholds Constitutional protections for all residents of Arizona.  There is no reason to have confidence in the ability or willingness of officials like Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio to implement this law in such a Constitutional manner, if indeed that is possible.

“Today is also yet another reminder that President Obama failed in his promise to address immigration reform in the first year of his presidency.  Obama has been all-too happy to use Latinos as political pawns.  Sadly, politics and cynicism have replaced hope and change as President Obama’s mantra.

“There is also a clear lesson here for anyone who believes that Arizona’s SB 1070 should be a model for the nation: big government is not the answer.”

Reaction to President Obama’s Immigration Announcement

Another Election-Year Political Ploy by the President, who Uses Latinos as Political Pawns.  But Will Republicans Fall Into Obama's Trap Once Again?

June15, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C.–The Hispanic Leadership Fund today released the following statement from its President Mario H. Lopez in response to President Obama’s announcement that the Department of Homeland Security will place a low enforcement priority on certain individuals who were brought to the United States illegally prior to the age of sixteen, and who meet other criteria:

“It is clear that President Obama is pulling yet another political stunt to try to draw attention from the many ways in which he has failed Hispanics across the country.  This is a blatant attempt at pandering in an election year to cover up for 11% Hispanic unemployment, an economy that Obama has made worse at every step, the record number of deportations for which he is responsible, and the fact that Democrats failed to achieve anything meaningful on immigration when they controlled every branch of government for two full years.  President Obama is all-too eager to cynically use Latinos as his political pawns.

“The other part of Obama’s campaign strategy with regard to Latinos is to set traps like this and sit back while come Republicans say inaccurate and hurtful things about kids who are undocumented through no fault of their own.  Republicans would be wise to realize this dynamic, as well to as come to the conclusion that punishing kids for their parents’ transgressions is neither good politics nor good policy.”

Urging the SEC Not to Sacrifice American Competitiveness

February 28, 2012

New Dodd-Frank rule threatens major American job-creating industries

WASHINGTON, DC—The Hispanic Leadership Fund is urging the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to consider economic growth and international competitiveness when drafting rules and regulations for an important piece of the Dodd-Frank Act. In a letter to the commissioners, HLF President Mario H. López explains: More

Response to Harry Reid’s Smears of Sen. Rubio

February 16, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Hispanic Leadership Fund today released the following statement from its President Mario H. Lopez, in response to the most recent attacks on Senator Marco Rubio (FL) coming from Senator Harry Reid (NV):

“It is hard to decide where to begin with Reid and the administration’s smear campaign against Hispanic leaders who disagree with their radical Leftist agenda.  Let’s not forget that internal memos showed that Senator Reid and Democrats were guilty of backroom schemes against the judicial appointment of Miguel Estrada, specifically because he was a Hispanic appointee.  This latest coordinated smear campaign is comes at a time when Reid and his cohorts are attacking First Amendment rights of religious freedom, increasing government dependency, and obstructing every effort at job creation.  Hispanics are the hardest hit victims of President Obama’s and Harry Reid’s destruction of the American economy, so it is no wonder why they are eager to change the subject.”