Statement Responding to Joe Arpaio Pardon:

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Hispanic Leadership Fund President Mario H. Lopez issued the following statement in response to the pardoning of Joe Arpaio: “Joe Arpaio repeatedly violated the U.S. Constitution and the fundamental rights of American citizens.  Federal courts found him to be indiscriminately and illegally profiling Latinos and then refusing to stop when ordered by the court, […]

HLF Grades President Obama and Governor Romney on the Issues

A Great Election Season for the Hispanic Leadership Fund!

The Hispanic Leadership Fund wrapped up a very positive election cycle.  We are very blessed to have a rapidly growing membership base from across the country of people of all walks who believe in limiting the size and scope of government and increasing opportunity and prosperity for individuals. The Hispanic Leadership Fund’s primary focus was […]

Townhall Writer Gives HLF a Nod

Conservative blogger John Hawkins as an article on Townhall today on “Six Reasons Why Conservatives Should Embrace Identity Politics” and mentions the Hispanic Leadership Fund as one of the organizations hard at work on communicating to minorities.

Training State and Local Hispanic Candidates

This past weekend, the Hispanic Leadership Fund co-sponsored a candidate training summit in Dallas. The series of seminars featured 35 state and local candidates for elected office from 15 different states. HLF President Mario H. Lopez addressed the candidates and other distinguished guests, including former Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, on the topic “Building Momentum […]

HLF Featured on All Voices

The community news website All Voices features an article today on “The Hispanic Leadership Fund and The Race for 2010.” HLF President Mario H. Lopez was interviewed about the election outlook for November, and about communicating the free enterprise, limited government message: Many Hispanics share the same values of freedom of religion, good schools for […]

At the “Preserving American Liberty” Event in Kansas City

HLF President Mario H. Lopez is in Kansas City, MO today at the Winning Back America event organized by Preservign American Liberty, a grassroots group based in Kansas City. Lopez spoke to the crowd of about 4,000 people discussing the need to reach Latino voters across the country by emphasizing shared principles and policies that […]

Addressing State and Local Candidates at the Republican National Committee

Today the Republican national Committee will host a Hispanic Leadership Briefing for candidates running for the U.S. Congress as well as various state and local offices. The RNC invited Hispanic Leadership Fund President to address the attendees on “Strategies for Winning the Hispanic Vote in 2010 and Beyond.” Lopez will discuss issues, messaging, and talk […]