HLF Launches “I Am Not A Jet Owner” Site

WASHINGTON–The Hispanic Leadership Fund announced the launch of its affiliated website, “IAmNotAJetOwner.com” to call attention to the pitfalls of President Obama’s class warfare approach, and show why his tax hike would ensnare small business owners, many of whom are making less than the $250,000 that Obama says qualifies them to be “Jet Owners.”

“President Obama wants to fool people into believing that he only wants to tax the “wealthy,” said HLF President Mario H. Lopez, “but the truth is his proposed tax hike will hurt millions of small businesses who must claim business income on their personal tax forms.  Small businesses create two-thirds of the jobs in the United States.”  Lopez also stressed the damage to Hispanic-owned small businesses, who start small businesses at a rate three times that of the general population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.  “President Obama thinks that his campaign rhetoric to Latinos will help him win reelection, but the truth is that his policies and broken promises continue to be counter to the interests of Latino communities around the country.”

During his press conference on June 29, President Obama again called for tax hikes, claiming that he would only target the “wealthy,” i.e. those who make more than $250,000 a year.  He particularly had harsh words to say about “jet owners,” using that phrase six times.  “President Obama’s own ‘stimulus bill’–the one that has made the economy worse–included tax breaks for companies who buy jets,” continued Lopez.  “And his tax hike would not only hurt job creation, but it would not even scratch the surface when it comes to tackling Washington’s overspending problem.”

For more information, visit IAmNotAJetOwner.