Radio Host: “Giving in to the Devil”

Yesterday, Obama’s Spanish language spokesperson was interviewed by local Spanish-language Washington, DC radio station 99.1 El Zol’s host Pedro Biaggi.  Rather than demand answers for President Obama’s multiple failures on the economy, Biaggi turned into a cheerleader for President Obama, stating toward the end that voting for Republicans was “giving in to the Devil.”

After President Obama’s broken promises, historic number of deportations, and an economic record that includes an 11% Hispanic unemployment rate, two points higher than the already sky-high number for the general population, Biaggi committed a huge disservice to El Zol’s listeners by abandoning any pretense of impartiality and ignoring the disastrous effects on Hispanic families caused by President Obama’s failed policies.

Sadly, many in the media seem hell-bent on cheerleading for President Obama, rather than report on reality.