Statement on President Obama’s Immigration Speech

May 10, 2011

WASHINGTON, DC–The Hispanic Leadership Fund issued the following statement from its President Mario H. Lopez regarding President Obama’s immigration speech in El Paso today:

“From the time President Obama was in the US Senate–when he supported poison pill amendments designed to kill immigration reform efforts–we have seen that President Obama is only a friend to Latinos when he is in campaign mode.  But President Obama’s rhetoric cannot compare to his lack of action, his lack of a plan, and his hypocrisy in targeting families with US citizens resulting in more households being torn apart—despite what he promised during his first presidential campaign.

“Until President Obama and other politicians are ready to face the reality that neither big government policies nor political ploys are constructive, our country’s immigration troubles will unfortunately continue.  Now, as election season begins to take develop, President Obama wants Latinos to believe again in his campaign rhetoric.

“But Hispanic voters face some stubborn facts: President Obama broke his promise to address the nation’s broken immigration system, his failed stimulus plan increased Hispanic unemployment more than that of the general population, and his government takeover of health care hurts Hispanic seniors on Medicare and Hispanic small businesses that create jobs and opportunity in the community.  The Hispanic Leadership Fund will be there to remind Latino voters about the damage that President Obama’s policies have done to our communities.”