Government & Regulation

HLF Op-Ed: Boxer vs. Fiorina in California

The Huffington Post ran an op-ed piece yesterday by HLF President Mario H. Lopez comparing Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina.¬† Lopez discusses two issues: immigration¬† and the current water crisis in California Central Valley, to show that Boxer has taken positions against the interest of her Latino constituents: Barbara Boxer’s record on both of these […]

Happy Cost of Government Day

Today is Cost of Government Day. The average American worker has spent every day from January 1 until today working exclusively to earn enough to pay for his/her share of government and regulation at every level–local, state and federal.

Opinion Piece: “Net Neutrality will negatively impact prices and innovation”

HLF President Mario H. Lopez has an op-ed in today’s Rio Grande Guardian () discussing the issue of “Net Neutrality” and the harmful impact such regulations would have on the Latino community. You can read the piece below or at the Gaurdian’s site here.

Obamacare’s negative Impact on Latinos

The Hispanic Leadership Fund sent a second letter to lawmakers today objecting to provisions in the current health care bill that negatively target minority communities. The current legislation will have a disproportionately negative impact on low-income minority groups and will lead to Medicare cuts for Hispanic seniors, increase in taxes for Hispanic small businesses and […]

HLF Joins in Launch of Broadband for America Coalition

Today we join in the launch of the Broadband for America coalition to highlight the many benefits of broadband access and the positive economic effects of continued progress toward universal broadband. The internet is revolutionizing so many aspects of commerce and providing opportunities for innovators, entrepreneurs, students, patients, workers, and consumers.

HLF at the 9/12 Taxpayer Tea Party Rally on the National Mall

Tens of thousands of Americans from all walks of life gathered on the National Mall in Washington, DC today. The Hispanic Leadership Fund President Mario H. Lopez addressed the crowd, which was unified in its opposition to the reckless economic policies coming from the Congress and the White House. Lopez shared a bit about his […]

Tax Day Tea Party in Front of the White House

HLF President Mario H. Lopez spoke today at a taxpayer rally at Lafayette Park (directly in front of the White House) along with representatives of several other major organizations and well-known conservative pundits.¬† An estimated crowd of over 3,000 people braved the ongoing rain and colder than average temperatures for several hours to hear from […]