Puerto Rico’s Alejandro García Padilla is the New Castro of the Caribbean

Families in Puerto Rico Suffer While Padilla Plays Politics

October 31, 2014


WASHINGTON, D.C.–The Hispanic Leadership Fund today urged Hispanic leaders throughout Florida to join the growing chorus of critics raising deep concerns about the reckless leadership of Puerto Rican Alejandro García Padilla as he visits Orlando on trip to expand his political ambitions.

“Florida’s Hispanics need to know the truth about Governor García Padilla.  He talks about democratic principles. But his authoritarian leadership style makes him seem like he is trying to be the new Castro of the Caribbean,”  said Mario H. Lopez, President of the Hispanic Leadership Fund. “Padilla has embarked on a campaign that has destroyed property rights, shuttered businesses and plunged Puerto Ricans into economic misery.  Florida, especially the Orlando area, is fortunate to be home to thousands of Puerto Ricans who have built thriving communities after fleeing Padilla’s Puerto Rico. But we cannot forget those Puerto Ricans left on the island living under harmful economic policies.”

“Padilla’s ineffective tactics to deal with the Commonwealth’s debt is causing economic pain for all Puerto Ricans.  Jobless rate for young islanders is a whopping 39%, the cost of doing business is significantly higher than on the mainland, businesses are under political threat, and the education system is a civil rights violation.  Governor Padilla should be on the island working to get this under control rather than playing politics on the mainland.”